A Memorable Day大学英语作文

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  One afternoon, it was drizzling. I was on my way home by train. There were only a few passengers in the carriage. When the train reached the station in front of a bridge, two impressive passengers got on, an old and a young. They looked like father and son. And they were both disabled. The old man was blind.The little boy of eight or nine years old had only one eye open,the other closed tightly. The little boy took pains to move with his father. As the train started rumbling again, the little boy's voice got around, "Grandpas, grandmas, uncles and aunts, my honor to meet you. I'm Xiao Ming. Now I will sing a song for you."

  Although the song was not very elegant, it sounded cordial and sweet. After several songs, as was expected, the boy began to "beg". Neither did he use a plate, nor did he extend his hands before you. He just said, "Uncles and aunts", then he would keep in silence. Everyone understood what he meant, but they pretended to know nothing. Some even turned their heads aside.

  When the boy got to the end of the carriage with empty hands, a middle aged woman screamed with annoyance, "What on hell happens? The beggars are everywhere!" Suddenly all eyes fixed on them. To our surprise, the little boy said slowly and seriously, "Aunt, I'm not a beggar. I live on singing."

  At that moment, my eyes misted. I was not aware of who started to applaud. Immediately, the carriage was filled with applause. As I was putting a coin on his hand, I believed that there was no beggar on earth.

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